JanataShikshanMandal’s, Smt. Indirabai G. Kulkarni Arts College,J.B. Sawant Science College andSau. JanakibaiDhondoKunte Commerce College.
Seminar conducted at : JanataShikshanMandal’sLate. NanasahebKunte Education ComplexSmt. Indirabai G. Kulkarni Arts College,J.B. Sawant Science College andSau.JanakibaiDhondoKunte Commerce College. Alibag, Raigad-402201
Principal : Dr. Anil KamalakarPatil
Chief Organizer : Dr. Anil KamalakarPatil
Convenor : Shri. S. B. Datar, IQAC Coordinator and Dead, Department of Physics.
Seminar Conducted Year : 2019
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SYNTHESIS, CHARACTERIZATION AND BIOLOGICAL ACTIVITY STUDY OF NEW COPPER METAL COMPLEX PREPARED FROM 2-HYDROXY 4, 5-DIMETHYL CHALCONE DERIVATIVES. A innovative series of transition metal complex derivatives were synthesised by using 2- hydroxy 4,5 dimethyl substituted Chalcone derivatives like 2-Fluro Chalcone,3-fluro Chalcone,3-Hydroxy Chalcone, 2-trifluro methyl Chalcone,1-Napthyl Chalcone and 2,5 -dimethoxy Chalcone with copper salts in presence of Ethanol as solvent media. *V. K. Kannan
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INTERNET OF THINGS (IOT) BASED ROBOTIC CAR The Internet of Things (IoT) means communication between two devices through the internet. IoT has introduced a new arena in various domains like home automation, surveillance, security, tracking systems etc. An RC Car is a battery powered automatic car that can be controlled from a specific distance using a specialized remote or a mobile application using a mobile phone. *Aniruddh Deshmukh
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A PRELIMINARY SURVEY OF NON-CULTIVATED CULINARY PLANTS WITH SPECIAL REFERNCE TO KATKARI TRIBES FROM YEOOR FOREST, YEOOR, THANE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA Yeoor is a location in Thane district, Maharashtra, India which lies as a back side of famous Sanjay Gandhi National Park (Borivali National Park). Yeoor has 6 villages with rich flora and fauna, Patonepada as one of the major one. This area is of forest, majorly inhabited by tribes. Amongst them, Katkari, Warli and Konkona are major tribes. *Tushar S. N. Kelkar,
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STUDY OF BIODIVERSITY OF ALGAE IN WATER BODIES OF NAGOTHANE, DT.RAIGAD, MAHARASHTRA AND THE FACTORS AFFECTING THEIR GROWTH Nagothane is located in Raigad Dt. Maharashtra on the right bank of Amba River The Amba River is one of the main sources of water for drinking. Local ponds are exploited for the domestic activities also. Study of biodiversity is important as the every ecosystem performs certain functions which are important for primary production of phytoplankton and ultimately for humans. *Dr. V. Sarada
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