Anandibai Raorane Arts, Commerce and Science College Vaibhavwadi Sindhudurg
Seminar conducted at : Anandibai Raorane Arts, Commerce and Science College Vaibhavwadi Sindhudurg
Principal : Dr C S Kakade
Seminar Topic : Recent Trends in Library, Sciences and Technology, Humantities commerce and management
Chief Organizer : Dr C S Kakade
Convenor : Mrs. V. C. Kakade
Seminar Conducted Year : 2018
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AN ANALYTICAL STUDY OF INCOME TAX AWARENESS AMONG PEOPLE FROM RAJAPUR TEHSIL OF RATNAGIRI DISTRICT The paper through light on the different Income tax slabs and slab rates for the individual assesses, different findings regarding awareness about Income Tax, PAN, different heads of income, sources of information about the Income Tax and ways of filing Income Tax Return among the people from Rajapur tehsil and concrete suggestions for increasing awareness about income tax among the people. *Dr. Bhave Atul Vijay
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BENEFITS AND PROBLEMSOF GST IN THE PALGHAR DISTRICT The GST Act was implemented on 1st July 2017. GST is an indirect tax imposed on the supply of goods and services. GST targets at abolishing the cascading effects. The study has been piloted only in the geographical boundaries of selected tehsils of the Palghardistrict. Wholesalers, retailers, consumers and tax consultants were interviewed about the benefits of GST enjoyed by them and the Problems of GST faced by them so as to get idea about the views of the different stakeholders about the GST. *Dr. Sambhaji S. Jadhav
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“A STUDY ON ROLE PLAYED BY GOVERNMENT TO SKILLING HUMAN RESOURCES IN INDIA.” Skills and knowledge are the driving force of economic development, growth and social development for each country. Indian demographic is with the unique facet of being fraught with a majority of young populace. Education sector in India is well developed and mature. But skill development is critical for economic growth and social development. The demographic transition of India makes it imperative to ensure employment opportunities for millions of youths entering working age annually. The country presently faces a dual challenge of severe paucity of highly-trained, quality labour, as well as non-employability of large sections of the educated workforce that possess little or no job skills. Globalization, knowledge and competition have intensified the need for highly skilled workforce in both the developing and developed nations as it enables them to accelerate their growth rate towards higher trajectory. Government and its partner agencies have undertaken various measures for the effective implementation of the skill development programmes in the economy. Education and Skill development become quite an imperative sector to appropriate this massive human resource. The working age group between 15 to 59 years is its largest bulk constituting of more than 65% of total population. Government, higher education sector, private institutions, colleges and universities are playing a pivotal role in skilling the working group of human resources. *Assit. Prof. Maruti Ishwara Kumbhar
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SYSTEMATIC TRANSFER PLAN (STP) IN MUTUAL FUND INVESTMENTS STP means transferring funds from one mutual fund to another. Investors are becoming more and more wary about making lump-sum investments because of potential risks. This is why financial experts recommend Systematic Transfer Plans to mitigate risks. Now almost every investor is familiar with Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). While SIP is the transfer of funds from savings to a mutual fund plan that’s STP, STP means transferring funds from one mutual fund to another. *Dr. Disha Namdeo More
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